Are you looking to add a touch of quality, elegance, and safety to your pool surrounds? Aggregate concrete, tiles, decking, and plaster are all great choices to put around your swimming pools.

Tiles and decking both work to make sure a landscape or design looks great and compliments the materials used. Whereas plaster is used to create a simple design at a low cost.

But why is exposed aggregate concrete becoming the better option among builders and professionals?

Well, for the same reasons why it is used in patios, driveways, and pavements.


The research concluded that exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most popular slip-resistant materials in Australia, and this is becoming the norm around the globe. This is because exposed aggregate concrete adds grip and traction, reducing the chance of an individual slipping.

Exposed aggregate concrete is so recognized for it’s safety that local governments and authorities chose this finish for public pavements and swimming pools due to the slip-resistance that the material offers.

The combination of physical activity and water can create dangerous situations, which is why having your pool area being safe is your highest priority. Exposed aggregate concrete provides you with a peace of mind around your pool.


Due to the strong materials used in exposed aggregate concrete, it becomes incredibly strong, so issues such as strong wind, constant or erosion aren’t an issue to your pool. If this material is chosen, you absolutely know your pool will last a long time.

This also reduces the overall cost of your pool in the future. Eliminating the need for repairs or changes make sure that both you and your wallet are happy for years to come.

Limitless Designs

Exposed aggregate concrete has the design advantage of having an array of customization options. Being able to be laid down in any color, size and shape makes it a sought after option due to it being able to meet any design need.

Exposed aggregate concrete is usually made up of granite and stones. However, it can even feature limestone and quartz. It is able to have a fancy look without breaking the bank, which further pushes it to be a popular choice around pools.

Minimal Upkeep

Due to the texture of the concrete, it stays relatively clean because dirt struggles to find a place among the gaps. Usually, with other concrete, you would need to clean them on a regular basis due to these gaps, so having minimal upkeep is yet another benefit.

In the event that your pool area does get dirty, a pressure washer or even just some water with pressure will do the trick, as dirt stays on the surface of the concrete.


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