Mudjacking is an older method for filling a void under a concrete slab and uses a cement slurry (cement, sand, water) instead of polyurethane foam. It’s not as popular as it once was but is still being used today.

The mudjacking procedure involves drilling quarter-sized holes (compare with the penny-sized holes used in polyurethane foam injection) in the slab and then injecting the slurry under the slab via the holes.

While mudjacking is less expensive than polyurethane foam injection, it doesn’t quickly expand to fill all the voids under the slab. So, you can assume that there will still be some voids left after the repair is complete.

Another drawback to mudjacking is that the concrete slurry needs time to cure, approximately 2-3 weeks. Therefore, you won’t be able to immediately start using the slab again once the repair is done. Compare with polyurethane injection, where there’s no downtime.

Void filling foam
Polyurethane foam injection is an excellent way to fill a void under a concrete slab. As soon as it’s injected under the slab, it spreads out and rapidly expands to fill all voids. This void filling foam also consolidates all soil, rock, and any organic material under the slab. Polyurethane void filling foam supports, lifts, and levels the slab

The procedure involves first drilling penny-sized holes into the slab. The voiding filling foam is then injected through the holes and under the slab. As the foam expands and spreads out, it not only fills any existing voids but lifts and brings the slab to level like conditions as well.

Unlike the cement slurry using in mudjacking, polyurethane foam won’t erode, shrink, or settle over time, and soon as the repair is done, you can start using the slab again. No downtime.


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