Before you think about getting a new slab of concrete have you thought about a concrete lift? Concrete lifting is actually the preferred method when it comes to repairing any damaged concrete surface. This includes areas like driveways, steps, patios, sidewalks and garage floors.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why concrete lifting is better than pouring a new slab.

Concrete Lifting = Fast and Easy Solution

Removing a slab and replacing it with a new one creates a lot of noise, dust and dirt. On the other hand concrete lifting is a much cleaner process that leaves no waste behind.

Concrete lifting is actually faster and more convenient than a full replacement too. This is because most projects typically take just an hour or two. After the work is completed, the area is practically ready for use. Keep in mind that you will still need to wait a few hours before putting heavy weight onto the slab, but you won’t need to wait days like you would with a newly poured slab.

Concrete Lifting = Less Expensive

In many cases, concrete slab replacement costs two or three times more than concrete lifting. And, since replacing the slab does no stabilize the soil foundation the way concrete lifting does, you may find yourself faced with a cracked or unsettled slab again in the future.

Concrete Lifting Repairs = Nearly Invisible

The concrete lifting process involves drilling several small holes in the damaged slab. After the lifting material is pumped through the holes, they are sealed off and caulked. This leaves very little visual evidence of the repair.

A new slab will look perfect after it is poured. But, how will it compare to the surrounding concrete? Homeowners often find that a new slab doesn’t match the other concrete around their home in texture or in color. This may not matter much for some repairs, but if you’re repairing a single sidewalk or patio section, for example, the mismatch will be quite noticeable.


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